Bright Choices Exchange

When it comes to employee benefits, people have very different needs.

Instead of the usual “one-size-fits-all” approach, personalize and right-size each employee’s benefits portfolio.


Find out how you can save money on benefits and make your employees happy by giving them purchasing power and choice.

How to shop in the Bright Choices Exchange

Bright Choices® helps employees easily find the right plans for them with sophisticated decision-support technology that’s simple to use.


Complete Profile:

Complete Profile:

After logging in, employees will be directed to fill out a questionnaire about their health, wealth and personality.


Shop for Benefits:

Shop for Benefits:

Next, they are provided with a personalized recommendation based on their answers to the questionnaire. This recommendation uses sophisticated statistical modeling to predict the right combination of plans that will result in the best personal fit for each individual’s potential risks. Employees can take advantage of educational information and plan comparisons to make informed decisions.


Buy Benefits:

Buy Benefits:

Then employees pick their personalized portfolio of plans.

Bright Choices is there for Employees, Year-Round

They can:

  • Track and pay all medical, dental, pharmacy, and vision expenses with expense management tool Simplee®
  • Learn about benefits with informational videos, articles, FAQs, and a benefits glossary that uses plain English instead of insurance jargon
  • Make enrollment changes due to life events such as marriage, birth, and adoption

Details, Details

How does Bright Choices help determine the best plans for employees and their families?

When employees login to Bright Choices, they will have access to our sophisticated questionnaire which leads them through a series of questions, and then makes recommendations given their health profile, financial status, risk tolerance, and preferences. It reveals the actual costs of benefits and educates them to make informed decisions. Our recommendations are based on needs and preferences – NOT commissions.

Do employees have to take the recommended products?

With Bright Choices, the employee is in control. They can choose the plans recommended by Bright Choices, or pick anything else in the store. Bright Choices also helps them understand and evaluate all plan options with:

  • Easy-to-use tools to compare plans side-by-side
  • Videos about health and other insurance topics
  • Explanation about when certain plans are recommended
  • Transparent prices